Impotent fury

Most of you have probably caught all or some of this

Everything we write on Facebook, search on Google, say on Skype, etc. can potentially be spied on by the US government. This is not a surprise, really. We’ve slowly been moving towards the panopticon society for a while now, but it’s a rude awakening having it thrown in your face like this.

I have to admit this conjures up conflicting feelings of fury and apathy in me. Fury since this is just an unacceptable way of constructing a society. We are all being criminalized and our freedoms are being stolen. Apathy since my life, like so many others, is wrapped up in digital connections and I don’t know how to disconnect without losing much that I value and am not willing to give up.

Gramsci was absolutely right. There is a ruling hegemony that finds cohesion in the need to keep the great mass of us docile and compliant and preoccupied with other things than tearing down the system.

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