Biosphere 2013: a play

Back in 1992, while I was active at The Union Theatre, I co-created a weekly, dystopian science fiction serial called Biosphere. The title was inspired by Ed Bass’ Biosphere 2 project (which I did not know was still active!) and the content by a conviction that the world was increasingly controlled by corporate entities more than by any democratic institutions.

At the conclusion of the series, Kate Story and I wrote a play based on the serial. I provided the structure and and feedback, while Kate wrote most of the dialogue and actions. The result was performed at The Union in April, 1993.

None of us consider it great literature, but it was a good show. So here it is, warts and all (and lighting cues, in case you were wondering what those marks are).

[scribd id=178636673 key=key-14hi8apfop8yu03xek6r mode=scroll]

(It’s out there with CC BY-SA 3.0 license, so feel free to adapt and perform – but do let us know!)

edit 25.10.2013 In light of the NSA scandal that’s been unfolding the past few months, topped with the recent revelations that the NSA has in fact (most likely) been wiretapping heads of state, the future we were painting a picture of seems more like reality than a dystopian vision… Of course, the panopticon is not a new idea – but none of us could truly have imagined the way in which governments and corporations would collude to keep track of citizens…