Why resist?

This piece pretty well sums up why I feel a need to call to action in the wake of Trump’s election. If we accept what’s happened and meekly watch what happens next, we will be complicit in the inevitable disaster that overtakes the world.

We need to lift voices – both our own and those of others – that stand firm against ignorance and totalitarianism and call for solidarity and resistance.

The storm is coming in Europe, both in the guise of right-wing populists of various stripes but also in the guise of appeasers in positions of power who talk about “moderation” and “cooperation” as they bend their necks to the despotic forces on the rise. Both must be stopped.

The alternative is simply too dire.

Acceptance? Hell, no!

Reconciliation? Acceptance?


Somehow a bigoted, racist, misogynist asshole has managed to position himself as the voice of the disenfranchised and rise to perhaps the most powerful position in the world. In Europe, his ideological bedmates are doing the same and will attempt to replicate his success.

We cannot allow this.

We must not allow this.

It cannot be that we allow these people to stand as the voice of those who are excluded and oppressed by global capital and their lapdog governments.

It cannot be racist libertarians are allowed to set the agenda for public discourse.

It cannot be that those angry at seeing their privelige threatned can continue to exercise their privelige at the expense of others.

We need to take back the fight, to once again turn the struggle against capitalism into a struggle for humanity, for emancipation, for solidarity.

Sadness is called for. Shock is called for. Anger is called for.

Followed by a cold determination and hard work.