#rhizo15? Really? Another MOOC?

According to Wikipedia, “If a rhizome is separated into pieces, each piece may be able to give rise to a new plant.” Which really means that a rhzome is one of those plants you just can’t get rid of.

You see it growing in your yard, and really, that’s ok. For a while. And then one day you want to get rid of it. The reason doesn’t matter, but as you pull and weed and dig, it slowly dawns on you – you can’t get rid of the damn thing unless you bring in the backhoe and remove all the dirt.

And even then, if a small piece of root gets missed, the bloody thing will come back!

And that’s just the point, isn’t it. The power of the rhizome as idea – it just won’t go away.

So – I’ll give it a try and see what happens. (Although sometimes I think the rhizome really flourishes best when treated with benign neglect…)